Chimney Repairs

G Short building & roofing of bideford north devon offer chimney rebuild & repairs re-pointing chimney cowl fitting plastering & lead-work

Re-pointing and re-seating of chimney stacks and other chimney repairs in Bideford North Devon.
Installation of lead soakers, flashings, back gutters and front aprons.
Re-building of chimney.

Installation of chimney cowls and vents.
Chimney Flashing Repair or General Chimney Repair in Bideford North Devon

Reline existing chimneys in Bideford North Devon

Chimney liner installer Bideford North Devon.Chimney lining services North Devon

Fire damage chimney repairs & rebuild in North Devon

We offer a survey of your chimney for a small fixed price & a written estimate.

What can cause cracks in your chimney

Long term erosion of brickwork and mortar can let water seep in and when this freezes the expansion can cause cracks. Deteriorated lead flashing's are also a weak point. If left unchecked, prolonged water ingress can spread to surrounding roof members, resulting in rot. Sometimes cracks can result from the combination of weakened masonry and storm force winds. Ageing brickwork, combined with a constant cycle of expansion and contraction due to the heated smoke rising can also be a cause.

Types of repairs that may be needed

The type of repair will be dependent on the exact damage. Sometimes, mortar re pointing / restoration is all that is necessary. In other cases, bricks may need to be chopped out and replaced, or cracks repaired with epoxy resin & stitching bars. In the worst cases, sections of the chimney stack may need to be demolished and rebuilt. Chimney repair costs can vary considerably, depending upon the extent of the damage.